Slowly getting settled
Over the past few months we’ve been getting settled. . .slowly but surely! We’ve unpacked almost all of the boxes and only a 10 foot ladder and a Christmas ornament are missing. I’m sure the ornament is stuffed in the “living room” boxes that haven’t been completely unpacked. The ladder... we have no idea. We think that it was moved but it didn’t show up here. And of course, it’s something we could use working on the garage.
We’ve been able to get the MGs out during the fall and have been having a great time exploring our new town.
The lift is now up and we are waiting until it gets a little warmer to finish the garage
Yes it’s October and the grass is still green and has to be mowed each week.
Looking at the back side of the house
Back yard
The junipers were planted to help stabilize the hill.
One of our Halloween visitors. Just under a year old. They start them early.
One of the woodland creatures who visit the backyard. This was one of three deer who stopped by one frosty morning.
Part of the Lenoir tradition is to drive around a look at everyones holiday decorations. We have two types of cars that go by... the creepers who go by at 5 mph and the stoppers who actually stop in front of the house. Guess they’ve never seen empty boxes before!
Updated on: December 16, 2009
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